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this is very amazing! You are very creative! i love the lace at the bottom and I just love the piano! One thing though! I don't understand the "water" reflection...But it's your preference! GOOD JOB ON THIS! I really do love it! I really love the polka dot in the background!, even though I am not a fan of them.. BUT you just made me love them again! :) the piano and the man was very well detailed! this is a good background for someone to use! LOVE IT <3 Very good job on this!I might even use it some time!
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Mezamete-Akai--Tsuki Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow..thank you dear ^^
not much to say really .. this was made for me only but it's not like im against ppl using it...that guy it's my oc and that scene with the piano i took it from one of my pics( servers at something when you work with many layers (i do every single thing in new layer .. ex: that picture had like 10 groups for each major thing i made ,, my oc in 1, piano 2, girl 3, islands 4 and so on..that way i can edit anything i want with no need of starting over^^ and i can use them like this too haha
that water ..well don't know really ..i thank i wanted to look like he was standing there and not just randomly added ^^
again thank you very much..glad you like it
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